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Yahel Elkabets

Nice to meet you,My name is Yahel Elkabets, a Digital design artist and an animation producer.

I've had the pleasure to produce animation videos, Character design, illustration, ads and web designs,
for many big clients ("Tidhar", "PizzaHut", "Oreo", "ClubMed") and many advertising companies ("Publicis", "Leo burnett" , "Bruckner Yaar Levi")
and many other Apps videos, Startups and private people.

After years of experience I've learned to:
• Collaborating with the client and production team members to understand needs, review scripts, design storyboards, and create and edit animations.
• Using softwares and other techniques to produce animations & designs.
• Listening to feedback and altering animations to better suit client needs.
• Ensuring that the final product aligns with the needs of the client and is delivered on time without exceeded the budget.
• Presenting the final animated piece to clients for their approval.
• Using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story or provide information in visual form.
• Researching industry trends and developments and learning new applications.
Choose me for your next project and I'll show you how an idea can be a great viral product.